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Wildlife Queensland simply wouldn’t exist without volunteers. The not-for-profit Society began as a volunteer organisation and volunteers remain at the very heart and soul of everything we do.

You can make a difference

We are enormously grateful to the many committed individuals who generously volunteer their time and support to Wildlife Queensland in the following areas:

  • wildlife conservation project work and scientific surveys, including activities such as setting up camera traps, survey work, nest box installation and monitoring
  • land management, involving activities such as weeding and planting
  • policy and campaign work
  • fundraising assistance
  • administration and general office duties
  • event coordination, baking and stall management

We welcome all enquiries from potential volunteers, so if you think volunteering with Wildlife Queensland might be for you, please email us at wpsq@wildlife.org.au. For specific project-related volunteer enquiries, please see contact details on our project pages.

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Kathleen sketiching.

Suzie Smith with members and volunteers from north Queensland.

Volunteers at Gilles Ridge Nature Refuge© Alexander Baker

Wildlife Queensland’s Project Officer Hannah Thomas, with volunteers Alexander Barker and Hayden de Villiers, helping install watering systems for bushfire-affected brush-tailed rock-wallabies in the caves of Gillies Ridge Nature Refuge in 2021.

Wildlife Queensland was founded, fostered and promoted by volunteers giving of their time and passion. Wildlife Queensland would not be the organisation it is without the efforts of, and the reliance on, our volunteers.

Des Boyland

Policies & Campaigns Manager, Wildlife Queensland

Meet our volunteers

Meet some of our many amazing volunteers. Click on the ‘+’ symbol to the right of the names below to open more information.

Tamielle Brunt
Tamielle Brunt

Tamielle conducting a PlatypusWatch workshop.

Wildlife Queensland volunteer since 2015

Q. What sort of tasks do you perform or assist with as a volunteer with Wildlife Queensland?

Tamielle: I help with PlatypusWatch. This includes the annual fieldwork for the eDNA project, drafting reports, writing news articles and promoting platypus conservation through local community workshops, presentations, emails and social media posts.

I’ve also been lucky to help with the Queensland Glider Network program, checking nest boxes!

Q. What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

Tamielle: I have been able to travel around lovely areas of South East Queensland to complete fieldwork. I probably would never have chosen to go to these places otherwise and have stumbled across some hidden gems of nature reserves.

I’ve also met interesting and inspiring people who fight for nature conservation which continues to motivate me in my wildlife research.

Q. Do you have any favourite memories you would like to share with us?

Tamielle: While sampling water for the eDNA project in the upper North Pine River we saw a platypus just upstream. That sample definitely came back positive.

I also had a fieldwork fail moment when a filter popped off the end of the syringe while pushing water through. So, of course, I reached in after it thinking I could get it but ended up a bit soggy instead. But I had to laugh at myself and luckily it was a lovely sunny day!

Kate Dutton-Regester

Kate Dutton-Regester

Kate holding a baby echidna.

Wildlife Queensland volunteer since 2023

Dr Kate Dutton-Regester is a wildlife researcher with extensive experience in animal conservation, care, and research, working with a range of animals, including elephants, possums, koalas, and cows.

Kate’s PhD research on the reproductive biology of the short-beaked echidna has advanced our understanding of monotreme biology and contributed to the development of assisted reproductive technologies for critically endangered species.

Q. What sort of tasks does Kate perform or assist with as a volunteer with Wildlife Queensland?

Currently, Kate is helping with our EchidnaWatch program, analysing several years of echidna sighting data to assess their distribution and abundance in Queensland. This vital information will be shared with wildlife data repositories and other organisations to aid in planning for better outcomes for echidnas.

In her spare time, Kate creates and sells Australian flora and fauna-themed products, including a beautiful range of wildlife cushion covers, under the brand, ‘For the Wildlife’. Through this initiative, she has generously donated profits exceeding AUD$ 7,500 to wildlife causes, including Wildlife Queensland.

You can purchase Kate’s cushion covers from the Wildlife Queensland shop or learn more about her products on the For the Wildlife Facebook page.

Steve Homewood
Steve Homewood© Steve Homewood

Steve walking in Redlands Koala habitat.

Steve has been volunteering at the Wildlife Queensland head office since 2015 and has been president of the Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch for over 20 years.

Q. What sort of tasks do you perform or assist with as a volunteer with Wildlife Queensland?

Steve: Maintaining a database of Members, subscribers, donors and customers to ensure we are able to send timely information. Helping out on mailouts, creating a subject and photo index of all editions of Wildlife News for reference. I’m also on the Wildlife Australia Magazine Committee.

Q. What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

Steve: Seeing first-hand all the varied projects that Wildlife Queensland is conducting, being an unofficial ambassador for the Society, disseminating wildlife information at our various events, displays and feeling that we are making a difference in environmental protection.

Q. Do you have any favourite memories you would like to share with us?

Steve: Attending various AGMs and group catch-ups where we can meet some of our far-flung members and share experiences.  Listening to their tales of woe and success, finding common ground on many issues.

Q. What’s your favourite animal (or are there too many?🙂)

Steve: The echidna. It reminds me of the hedgehog in my home country, the UK.

Maryann Kenney
Maryann Kenney

Maryann decorating the Wildlife Queensland office, Christmas 2019.

Wildlife Queensland volunteer since 2014

Q. What sort of tasks do you perform or assist with as a volunteer with Wildlife Queensland?

Maryann: When I first started at the original Wildlife Queensland Brisbane office, I became the Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network (RBCN) Assistant Project Manager, helping the (former) RBCN Project Manager Debbie-Sue with office duties i.e. entering data, spreadsheet work, organising RBCN Membership Packs, typing correspondence etc., even going along to an RBCN Annual Meeting at Maleny with Debbie-Sue and helping at the event.

I have also volunteered in field research/monitoring for the Queensland Glider Network with other volunteers, at various conservation parks around Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Other tasks I have are: banking, answering telephones, crafty work, pricing/packing merchandise and helping send the Wildlife Australia magazines out every quarter with the mail out. For the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot of scanning of documents, ready to be archived! Getting towards the end of that huge task!

Q. What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

Maryann: Being part of a team that shares the same passion for protecting our amazing wildlife. The role is also very educational – I’ve learnt so much about different animal species from hearing stories from other volunteers and staff members. I enjoy passing that information on to others and raising awareness about Wildlife Queensland. Finally, coming into the office each week with positive, focused, supportive team members, brings a great sense of contentment.

Q. Do you have any favourite memories you would like to share with us?

Maryann: Celebrating my birthday a couple of years ago at the Brisbane office. It was a lovely surprise from Janelle and others which made my day!

Gigi Lapid
Gigi Lapid

Gigi in the Wildlife Queensland head office.

Wildlife Queensland volunteer since 2023

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.

Gigi: My name’s Gigi (short for Glenda Grace or @goodygoodwitchcreates on Instagram) and I’m a Brisbane-based graphic designer and illustrator. My background is in marketing and advertising, and I’ve been a graphic designer for over a decade. I’m wild about wildlife and preserving the planet, and I would like to help in the best way possible through art and design.

I started my volunteering journey after attending the last Valentine’s Day Batty Boat Cruise, where I met one of Wildlife Queensland’s project officers, Tamielle Brunt, who suggested I get in touch to see how I could contribute my skills. Really glad I did!

Q. What sort of tasks do you perform or assist with as a volunteer with Wildlife Queensland?

Gigi: I provide ad hoc design support for the communications officer and the social media/web manager. I pop into the Highgate Hill office once a week, which is great as I get to meet some of the project officers and other volunteers.

Q. What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

Gigi: What I enjoy the most about volunteering is the experience of being a part of an organisation that works passionately and tirelessly to protect our wildlife. Every time I visit the office, I learn something new about the local wildlife. Being not from Australia, I still have a lot to learn! Being amongst people with the same passion for wildlife is already a win!

Q, What is your favourite Australian animal?

Gigi: Oh, that’s a tough question! If I had to choose just one, I would say that my favourite would be the black flying-fox. They’re a truly magnificent keystone species that needs more love!

Jenny Thynne
Jenny Thynne

Jenny holding a quoll at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Wildlife Queensland volunteer since 2007

Q. What sort of tasks do you perform or assist with as a volunteer with Wildlife Queensland?

Jenny: Photo searching for Wildlife Australia magazine which I love and have done for six years, and helping with magazine mailouts. Before that, I did admin work for some of the projects, particularly the Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network and Wildlife Land Fund.

Q. What do you enjoy most about volunteering?

Jenny: The feeling and hope that I am making a difference for wildlife and the environment in my own small way. Also, the wonderful people I work with.

Q. Do you have any favourite memories you would like to share with us?

Jenny: I loved working on our stalls on Threatened Species Day, university orientation days and similar events where I could inform people about what we do and about the creatures on projects etc., working with (the late) Holly Bryant, sitting beside Professor Michael Archer at the 2019 annual Wildlife Queensland dinner (I was a volunteer on a fossil dig at Riversleigh in 1986, so it was wonderful reminiscing with him).

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Maureen Tottenham
Maureen Tottenham

Maureen at the 2018 Eco Expo.

Wildlife Queensland volunteer since 2001

Q. What made you choose to volunteer with Wildlife Queensland?

Maureen: It was a community group about education and conservation of the environment.

Q. What’s your favourite thing about this organisation?

Maureen: The friendships I have made throughout the years and the adventures we have been on.

Q. What’s one of your most memorable moments volunteering with Wildlife Queensland?

Maureen: When doing MangroveWatch I would always end up with mud from head to toe.

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