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2021 Annual Report

Read and download our annual report for the 2020–2021 financial year.

Highlights for the year 

  • The war on plastic continues, with plastic straws, stirrers, plates, bowls and cutlery now banned, and other products still being considered.
  • Wildlife Queensland accepted an invitation to serve on the Stock Route Network working group.
  • Efforts to save air-breathing fauna such as platypus from drowning by banning opera house traps have been unsuccessful, though SA has indicated a ban will be introduced from June 2023 and the Freshwater Fishery working group is to consider the matter later this year.
  • Meetings occurred with the Minister’s Office advocating for the release of the zoning plan for the Great Sandy Marine Park and enquiries about the review of the Moreton Bay Marine Park management plan.
  • Spotter-catcher policy is being informed with advice from the Environment Defenders Office and liaison with Biodiversity Australia and the RSPCA.
  • Meetings with Minister Scanlon’s staff were held to discuss crocodile reports, opera house traps and budget highlights. Meetings were also held with Biodiversity Australia concerning spotter-catcher policy.
  • Wildlife Queensland participated in various meetings with other conservation groups.
  • We continue to strive for the expansion of the Protected Area Estate and enhanced management of national parks while opposing certain commercialism.

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