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How to build a frog pond

Frogs are disappearing from our backyards for many reasons, mainly from lack of water in which to breed, the overuse of pesticides and the cultivation of gardens. Find out how you can easily and inexpensively build a frog pond in your garden and bring those croaky night sounds back.

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Top platypus-spotting tips

Despite their distinctive appearance with a duck-like bill, webbed feet and thick tail, spotting a platypus in the wild can be quite challenging due to their elusive nature. Increase your platypus-spotting success with these top tips. 

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Keen to Go Green?

Many nature-lovers who attend Wildlife Queensland’s webinars, meetings or workshops express enthusiasm for revegetating their properties with native flora.  Here are 9 simple steps to getting started with your rewilding project.

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Boredom-busting Wildlife-themed Activities for Kids

Parents juggling work and homeschooling are probably already experiencing lockdown loopiness (who isn’t?), so we’ve put together some fun backyard activities, simple colouring-in activities, and wildlife-themed craft ideas to help kids ‘keep the wild alive’ during lockdown.

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Living with snakes

Snakes are undoubtedly the most fascinating of our vertebrate animals. Whilst only a very small percentage of people look at snakes with affection, everyone has a story, myth or opinion on them. People are amazed by snakes, whether because of their connections to the biblical serpents, their unique lifestyle or that some species can kill with deadly poisons.

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Feeding wild birds in Australia

Bird feeding is an increasingly popular activity but is it a good idea? Wildlife Queensland recently caught up with urban ecologist and pioneering researcher in bird feeding, Professor Darryl Jones, to chat about this somewhat contentious subject.

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