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Wildlife Queensland protects and conserves threatened wildlife species through our dedicated conservation programs.

Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby Conservation Network

The Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby Conservation Network was established in 2022 as an affiliation of individuals, groups and organisations dedicated to the conservation of the vulnerable brush-tailed rock-wallaby (Petrogale penicillata).

Cliff Conservation Alliance

The Cliff Conservation Alliance (CCA) was established in August 2023 as an affiliation of individuals dedicated to the conservation and protection of cliff environments.

Its goal is to raise awareness about the growing environmental impacts of outdoor recreational activities on cliff environments and to advocate for the safeguarding of sensitive cliff ecologies.

Queensland Glider Network

The Queensland Glider Network (QGN) was established in early 2006 to support glider populations by being a statewide hub for communication, education, data collection, mapping, and information exchange.


PlatypusWatch is a community-based program that raises awareness of platypus conservation and gathers population data from Queensland waterways so researchers can identify where actions are needed to protect platypuses.

Quoll Seekers Network

The Quoll Seekers Network (QSN) collects and disseminates information for a greater understanding of quoll ecology, through population monitoring, mapping, sharing information with the community, and campaigning for their protection.

Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network

The Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network (RBCN) is an affiliation of individuals, groups, and organisations dedicated to the conservation of the Richmond birdwing butterfly and its host plants.


The EchidnaWatch program gathers information on the distribution and abundance of echidnas in Queensland. We share this information with Wildnet and other organisations to help plan for better outcomes for echidnas.


The Faunawatch program, run by Wildlife Queensland Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Branch, collects and compiles sighting information of wildlife located on the Sunshine Coast, Moreton Bay, and Fraser Coast Regional Council areas.

Coastal Citizen Science

Seagrass and mangroves are valuable resources. They provide food and shelter for a multitude of species, including prawns, fish and crabs. Seagrass, in particular, is vital for sea turtles, dugongs and shorebirds. Yet our seagrasses and mangroves are under constant threat from both natural and human impacts.

By joining the Wildlife Queensland Coastal Citizen Science team of volunteers, you can be trained to help while simultaneously contributing to the long-term conservation of Moreton Bay.

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