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View our educational online picture books, webinars, and videos to learn more about Wildlife Queensland’s conservation programs, Queensland’s threatened native wildlife, and how you can help. 

Online Picture Books

Wildlife Queensland’s online picture books are a fun way to learn about and view stunning images of our native wildlife.

Male Blue Banded Bees picture book

Backyard Beasties

Our Backyard Beasties online picture book series follows some of the fascinating species that inhabit our backyards.

How you can help the beasties in your backyard

”Plant more Melalucas and Grevillias if you can,” says nature photographer and bee enthusiast Jenny Thynne. “They support our birds and insects immensely. Plant flowers that will attract our native bees to help with pollination.”

Brushie Tales 3

Brushie Tales

Our Brushie Tales online picture book series showcases Paul Revie’s stunning photos of brush-tailed rock-wallabies.

How we help brush-tailed rock-wallabies

Find out about Wildlife Queensland’s brush-tailed rock-wallaby conservation work in South East Queensland.


For additional video content, please head to our Wildlife Queensland YouTube Channel.

About Wildlife Queensland videos

  • Introduction to Wildlife Queensland (2021). Watch video

EchidnaWatch videos

PlatypusWatch videos

Richmond birdwing butterfly videos

  • RBCN seedbank (2022). Watch video
  • Saving Swallowtails Conference 2021: The Richmond Birdwing, Matt Cecil (Wildlife Queensland). Watch presentation
  • Captive-breeding & Release Project, DES (2020). Watch video
  • Back from the Bring: Richmond birdwing, Natura Pacific (2019). Watch video



Please visit our Talking Wildlife Webinar Series page for further information and to download PDF presentations.

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