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Our structure

Wildlife Queensland is a non-profit incorporated association with no political affiliations. We have over 5,000 supporters linked through a simple structure consisting of an elected governing council, specialised staff and dedicated volunteers at the head office in Brisbane and branches throughout the state.

Most of our programs and activities are financially supported by donations and bequests from the public, our members and subscribers, as well as several generous trusts and organisations.

We aim to do this by:

  • promoting wildlife-friendly landscape management
  • enhancing habitat and building wildlife corridors to help protect and connect wildlife
  • implementing monitoring programs for local threatened species
  • working with state and local governments to establish conservation projects, develop programs and support communities with restoring habitat
  • educating communities and raising awareness of the importance of wildlife species via workshops, webinars, and spotlighting events
  • partnering with numerous landcare and habitat rehabilitation groups to revegetate vital habitat for threatened species.

Trusts and gift funds

  •  The Endangered Species Trust commenced the Student Research Grants Program in 2010, administered by Wildlife Queensland, which provided funds to Queensland university students researching subjects relating to biodiversity conservation between 2010 and 2016. Of particular interest were projects that investigated methods of addressing or reversing the decline in native plant and animal species or their habitats, or other applied conservation outcomes.
  • The Thorsborne Trust
    Arthur and Margaret Thorsborne helped establish the Gold Coast branch in the early 1960s, working tirelessly across numerous campaigns to protect the environment. The Thorsborne Trust was established in Arthur’s memory  to continue the work he and Margaret initiated, and to extend their vision. Established under the constitution of Wildlife Queensland, it is managed by a board of trustees. Margaret Thorsborne (1927—2018) was a well-respected, much-loved patron of Wildlife Queensland.
  • The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland Gift Fund was set up by the Society to manage all funds collected through tax-deductible donations within Australia. The fund operates under by-laws set out by our constitution and the legal and taxation framework of the Commonwealth of Australia. A board of trustees, appointed by the Society’s governing body and made up of both elected Wildlife Queensland officers and members of the community, ensures that tax-deductible donations are used appropriately in accordance with the objectives and conditions of the Fund.

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