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Become a Wildlife Protector and make saving Queensland’s wildlife part of your everyday life!

About the Wildlife Protector Program

In March 2004, Wildlife Queensland expanded its activities to protect and conserve Queensland’s threatened plant and animal species, and needed a sustained funding boost. The Society saw the Wildlife Protector Program as a way to empower the community in support of its practical conservation program proven successful by over 50 years of positive outcomes for wildlife.

By joining the Wildlife Protector Program, you are helping to ensure the continued development of Wildlife Queensland’s leading advocacy for the plants and animals of Queensland, and the protection of our unique biodiversity for generations to come.

Why become a Wildlife Protector?

  • Impact — empower Wildlife Queensland to achieve, and keep achieving, positive outcomes for Queensland’s wildlife on your behalf
  • Security — donating regularly allows us to plan and allocate resources to our projects and campaigns, now and into the future
  • Strength in numbers — lend your voice to the ever-growing number of WPP members state-wide and beyond; together we can make a difference
  • Tax-deductibility — your donation is 100 per cent tax-deductible
  • Flexibility — you choose the amount you wish to give, from as little as 66c per day
  • Efficiency — the WPP is the most time-efficient way for busy people to make a real difference to the environment
  • Connectivity — Wildlife Protectors receive regular updates to keep them in touch with the issues that concern Queensland’s wildlife and conservation community.

Who can be a Wildlife Protector?

Anyone can be a Wildlife Protector as long as they are over 18 years of age. You don’t have to be an individual a group, business, organisation or school can be a Wildlife Protector.

vine planting© Wendy Heath
Brush-tailed rock-wallaby© Paul Revie

How to become a Wildlife Protector

Donations are made monthly by direct debit or credit card and debited from the nominated account on the 15th of each month. Contributions of $20 per month or over are greatly appreciated.

JOIN NOW by calling 07 3844 0129 to join over the phone. An online form will be available soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my donation go?

All donations to the WPP go to ensuring that Wildlife Queensland successfully and effectively achieves positive outcomes for wildlife in Queensland by maintaining our proven program of campaigns and projects.

How much can I give?

You can give as little as 66c per day or $20 dollars per month with no maximum amount. Give as much as you can sustainably afford.

What if I change my mind?

You can stop your donation to the WPP at any time by putting your decision in writing to WPSQ Head Office. You can also postpone your payments for as long as you like, as often as you like, by contacting WPSQ Head Office with the dates (please give at least five days’ notice prior to the 15th of the month).

How do I know my details won’t be passed on?

Our privacy policy ensures that we never pass the names or details of our Wildlife Protectors on to any other organisation, non-profit or otherwise unless required to do so by law.

For more information on joining the WPP or on Wildlife Queensland’s activities, email us or phone 07 3844 0129.

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