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Donate today to protect threatened wildlife and their homes!

It takes just a few hours to clear a hectare of forest that took decades to grow. That’s a hectare of wildlife homes effectively exterminated.

Habitat destruction, such as deforestation, is one of the leading causes of wildlife extinctions.

Queensland continues to record the highest land-clearing rate in Australia, with more than 400,000 hectares destroyed in 2019-20. Of the amount cleared more than 50% was older than 15 years, with the more mature forests often rich with wildlife, providing homes for threatened species.

80% of Queensland’s threatened species live in forests and woodlands.

This shocking level of clearing comes as Queensland populations of two forest-dependent species, koalas and greater gliders, were both uplisted to endangered with extinction last year.

It’s time to Keep Our WILD Alive!

Wildlife Queensland continues to fight for our wildlife and habitats by campaigning for diligent policing of existing environmental laws and the introduction of stronger laws. Out in the field, we continue to protect and conserve wildlife species, including revegetating vital wildlife habitat and installing nest box homes for hollow-dependent species, such as the greater glider, in areas with limited hollow-bearing trees.

But we need your help to ensure that threatened species are given the chance to survive and that other species never find themselves on the threatened list.

If we don’t act now, it may be too late. Please give generously before 30 June to help us to continue protecting and conserving Queensland’s threatened native wildlife.

Together, we can make a difference. Please donate today to help Keep Our WILD Alive


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Greater glider

Image: Josh Bowell / Greater glider.

How your tax-deductible donation helps


Revegetating for wildlife© Wildlife Qld

Revegetate vital habitat for threatened species

What can I support?

A gift of $50 can purchase 15 tube stock native trees for greater gliders and koalas or 5 birdwing butterfly vines.

Installing nest box© Wildlife Qld

Ensure threatened species are protected for future generations

What can I support?

A gift of $100 will help purchase a greater glider nest box (home).

Platypus eDNA survey© Wildlife Qld

Map and monitor platypus populations

What can I support?

A gift of $200 will cover the cost of eDNA analysis for platypus at one site.

Setting quoll camera monitor© Wildlife Qld

Set up camera monitoring surveys

What can I support?

A gift of $350 will pay for an infra-red wildlife monitoring camera.

Yellow-bellied glider© Josh Bowell

Locate threatened glider species

What can I support?

A gift of $500 will help our project officers carry out an acoustic monitoring survey of a single property to record yellow-bellied gliders.

Birdwing vine workshop© Wildlife Qld

Deliver conservation workshops

What can I support?

A gift of $1000 will help us deliver a workshop on the conservation needs of a specific threatened species.

About your donation

Donations to Wildlife Queensland are deposited into our special gift fund and administered by a board of trustees.

Our finances are audited and reported annually to the Register of Environmental Organisations and the Australia Charities and NFPs Commission, ensuring that all donations are spent in accordance with the objectives of the Society.

Donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible in Australia

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Offline donations

  • Phone: Donate over the phone by calling us on +61 (07) 3844 0129
  • Mail: Mail your donation to us at: Suite 1, Level 1, 30 Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill, Brisbane, Qld 4101 Australia.
    Please make your cheque/money order made payable to “Wildlife Queensland”.
  • Direct debit:
    BSB 484 799
    Account No: 083394421
    Account Name: Wildlife Queensland Or WPSQ 
    Payment Reference: Your surname
Greater glider© Jasmine Zeleny

More ways to give


Adopt an animal

Support Wildlife Queensland’s vital conservation work for the survival of threatened wildlife & their habitats by symbolically adopting an animal.

Become a Wildlife Protector

Join our caring Wildlife Protector community and make saving Queensland’s wildlife part of your everyday life!


Leave a gift in your will

Making a bequest to Wildlife Queensland is an important way you can help to secure the future of our threatened wildlife.

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