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Faunawatch is a community-based program run by Wildlife Queensland’s Sunshine Coast & Hinterland Branch. Faunawatch began in 1998 in Caloundra City and has since expanded to the entire Sunshine Coast Regional Council area, as well as the Moreton Bay Regional Council and the Fraser Coast Regional Council areas. 

Our aims

The Faunawatch program collects and compiles sighting information submitted by community volunteers. We’re not just interested in rare or threatened species — what you see in your own backyard or local park is just as important to us.

Faunawatch volunteers explore in groups or as individuals and submit survey forms about which species they have observed. The Faunawatch database stores the submitted information in a format that can assist in research, education and land-use planning.

Population monitoring of species can identify changes as early as possible, so that fauna protection plans can be established.

Faunawatch runs workshops and organises survey trips in the Sunshine Coast area. The project also produces the Faunawatch newsletter, which contains  advice on completing survey forms and other wildlife news.

    Surveys and walks program

    Regular Faunawatch survey

    Where: Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens. Starts at 8.00 am
    When: On the second Wednesday of the month
    What: This monthly activity provides an opportunity for anyone to come along and find out more about Faunawatch. Meeting in the car park, we start with a walk on one of the several trails in the gardens followed by BYO morning tea and general discussion. A record of the fauna identified is kept. For more information, refer to the latest Faunawatch Newsletter.

    Fourth Monday walks

    Faunawatch walks are held on the fourth Monday of most months. Meet at 8.00 am.

    View the latest Faunawatch Newsletter below for outing dates and information or contact: sunshine@wildlife.org.au.

    Eastern water dragon© Karin Cox

    Australian water dragon (Intellagama Lesuerii).

    Get involved

    REgister Today

    To become a Faunawatch observer, download and complete the registration form and forward it to the Faunawatch Coordinator.

    Get in touch

    Email Faunawatch for more information about the project and how you can get involved and start recording your sightings.

    Follow us

    Please also follow the Wildlife Queensland Facebook page for the latest wildlife information and activity updates.

    Latest Faunawatch news

    Sulphur-crested cockatoo© Canva NFP

    Sulphur-crested cockatoo (Cacatua galerita).

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