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Bayside Branch© Karin Cox

Steve Homewood, Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch President (left), and Michael Lusis at the 2022 Indigiscapes Ecofair.

Our story

Since its formation in 1987, Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch has been working to protect the vulnerable flora and fauna of our region and educate community members about threatened species and conservation needs.

A particular area of focus for our branch is habitat protection. We actively participate in community consultations and work with government and business groups to ensure that local development occurs in an environmentally sensitive manner.

What we do

Protecting vulnerable wildlife and habitats through:

  • active involvement in campaigns to protect vital migratory shorebird feeding grounds in the wetlands next to Toondah Harbour, Moreton Bay
  • bushcare, recycling, and clean-ups including the annual Clean Up Australia Day
  • event displays
  • lobbying all levels of government on environmental issues
  • working with other community groups.

Engaging and educating community members through:

  • monthly meetings featuring expert speakers on wildlife topics
  • educational workshops held throughout the year
  • family outings, including spotlighting, bushwalks, and birdwatching
  • monthly newsletter including wildlife diary, providing information about our branch activities as well as informative articles on different aspects of wildlife and habitat.


Koala© Steve Homewood

A koala seen at GJ Walter Park near the site of the proposed Toondah Harbour Development.

Cicada Film Festival

The Cicada Film Festival (formerly the Cicada Awards) was an annual short film competition open to South East Queensland youth, up to and including 24 years of age.

Initiated by Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch in 2011, the festival ran until 2020. Previous entries can be viewed on YouTube under ‘Cicada Film Festival’.

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Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch
PO Box 427
, Capalaba, QLD 4157


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