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Committed to the cause

Our committed team of seasoned conservationists, ecologists, zoologists, branch managers, policy setters, communicators, support staff and volunteers — overseen by our experienced Council — is united by a deep concern for wildlife and a passion for nature.

Whether working at head office, within our southern branches, or in remote regions, our team’s focus is unwaveringly fixed on making a lasting difference and effecting change that will safeguard not only today’s threatened species but also future generations of wildlife.

Diversity is key

Wildlife Queensland is an equal opportunity workplace that values the unique contributions of our diverse staff, volunteers, and supporters.

By working closely with stakeholders and collaborators from all walks of life, we are able to do so much more than we ever could alone.

As a united, driven team of conservation professionals, we achieve measurable real-world results.

We know our team is our strength

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