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 Wildlife Queensland is a non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving Queensland’s native wildlife and habitat. For 60 years, we have encouraged governments to protect threatened habitats, from the coast to the rainforest, and have coordinated projects that conserve threatened species, educate communities and raise awareness of wildlife conservation issues.

Our vision

People value, respect and support the conservation of Queensland’s native terrestrial and marine plants, animals, and landscapes.

Our mission

Our mission is to advocate, protect and conserve Queensland’s native terrestrial and marine plants, animals and landscapes by educating and engaging communities, influencing decision-making, advancing solutions and connecting people and wildlife.

Our story

Wildlife Queensland is a community-based, non-profit organisation that was co-founded in 1962 by Judith Wright, Brian Clouston, David Fleay and Kathleen McArthur.

The Society was founded to educate the community about wildlife and wildlife issues. We continue to achieve this aim with our regular and special events, guest presentations, and publications, including our flagship magazine, Wildlife Australia.

Conserving and protecting threatened native wildlife has always been an important focus of our work.

Due to Wildlife Queensland campaigns:

  • the whiptail wallaby isn’t shot commercially in our state
  • ducks and quails no longer fear the sport shooter’s gun
  • fewer platypuses and other non-target species suffer cruel deaths in opera house style yabby traps.

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