Direct Compost Solutions

Get composting the easy way and support wildlife! How? With a unique, compact composting solution called the Compot. You’ll be helping to save the environment by reducing council waste AND supporting wildlife as 10% of each sale goes to WPSQ!

As Direct Compost Solutions shares our passion for reducing landfill waste, they are ALSO offering a 10% discount on all purchases under $150 to WPSQ members and supporters.

This truly is the easiest composter you will ever use ‒ just fill it up with all your kitchen waste and anything biodegradable, forget about it and then refill when ready. The Compot is great to use (and invisible!) in your garden or use the above-ground method for super-fast results.

To order

Click on the ORDER button below and use the coupon code WildlifeQLD to make sure your discount and donation are correctly earmarked and calculated.


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