On Froggy Pond

$29.95 inc. GST

179 pages. Soft Cover. Including 16 colouring-in pages and 10 pages of fun facts.

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Anyone six years and over will enjoy this funny story about a unique bunch of critters living in a Brisbane backyard pond.

On Froggy Pond is a beautifully illustrated book that delights children with songs and magical colours while gently educating them about the world’s environmental issues. Other topics are dedicated to helping children build friendships, self-esteem, kindness, and learning to share and care for each other.

Children will be introduced to a hoard of insects that may not seem so scary after learning about them in the fun facts section, perfect for the budding Entomologist. There are 16 colouring-in pages for emerging artists to create their own colours. We certainly kept the parents in mind with quips and jokes for their enjoyment.

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