Boredom-busting Wildlife-themed Activities for Kids

Bats hanging upside down.

6 August 2021


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After a week of lockdown, most Queenslanders are hoping restrictions will ease on Sunday 8 August. We all have to continue doing our bit, but we also know that spending time in nature has well-documented positive benefits for our mental health and wellbeing.

Thankfully, Queensland’s restrictions still allow us to safely exercise and engage with nature within 10 km of home, and those of us with yard space can still enjoy some backyard wildlife if we look hard enough.

Parents juggling work with homeschooling are probably already experiencing lockdown loopiness (Who isn’t?), so we’ve put together some fun backyard activities, colouring-in sheets and wildlife-themed ideas to help kids ‘keep the wild alive’ during lockdown.

Keep the kids engaged with these fun ‘backyard biology’ tasks

Stay safe and #sharesomesunshine

When we feel cooped up, just noticing a new bird visiting the birdfeeder, taking a photograph of a beetle in the garden, or watching a possum walk along a powerline at dusk can remind us that there is a big wild world beyond our backyard, and we are still a part of it and responsible for caring for it.

We’d love to see you #sharesomesunshine by showing us the little things that are making you smile during lockdown, whether it’s a photograph of a peculiar mushroom sprouting in your compost, a seedling flourishing in your garden, or a nightly flying fox coming to visit.

So, please, share your sunshine with us by emailing us your pictures or adding them to our Facebook page with the hashtag #sharesomesunshine.

Most of all, hang in there. Let life slow down for the weekend. And remember, lockdown gives nature a chance to take a little bit of a breather from us too.

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