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Crucifix frog (Notaden bennettii).

Our story

Wildlife Queensland Toowoomba Branch is a hands-on active branch that is involved in the community and makes a point of working with other local organisations. 

From golden-tipped bats, swift parrots and powerful owls in the escarpment forests to grassland earless dragons, crucifix frogs and pale imperial hairstreak butterflies on the Darling Downs, the Toowoomba region is home to an amazing variety of wildlife, including many rare and threatened species.

What we do

Our branch has undergone many changes over recent years and in 2015, started focusing on wildlife and environmental education in the local area.


Wildlife Queensland Toowoomba Branch hosts quarterly meetings with vibrant, informative guest speakers and welcomes all members of the public to attend.

Event information is available in our newsletter or email us.


Branch members receive a quarterly newsletter and have the opportunity to participate in combined events with like-minded local groups.

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Galah feeding on jacaranda flowers, Toowoomba.

Get involved

join our branch

Join our local branch supporters helping to protect and conserve Queensland’s at-risk species and habitats.

Branch meetings

Our branch meets four times per year. For more information about our meetings, please email us.

branch newsletter

Email us to subscribe to our branch newsletter to receive the latest updates on our activities and achievements.

Contact Wildlife Queensland Toowoomba Branch


Wildlife Queensland Toowoomba Branch
 PO Box 6323, Clifford Gardens QLD 4350

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