Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network Membership

$20.00 inc. GST


The Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network (RBCN) is devoted to the conservation of the Richmond birding butterfly and the host vines and habitat that it requires for survival.

The RBCN supports community members and catchment groups who plant caterpillar food plants along watercourses, in gardens and on state lands to provide breeding sites and encourage the Richmond birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia) to return to its former range in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

RBCN membership benefits include:

  • Becoming a supporter of a dedicated conservation network and working with us on important campaigns and projects to protect and conserve the Richmond birdwing butterfly
  • Member newsletter
  • Opportunities to meet like-minded friends and engage in social activities
  • Opportunities to volunteer and improve your knowledge and skills

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