Saving the Flying-Fox

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Saving the Flying-Fox: A Precious Forest Pollinator is a colourful picture book that explores the history and environmental role of the flying-fox.

The flying-fox is a fascinating animal that we rely on to keep so many of our forests healthy. In fact, whole ecosystems depend on the flying-fox and other bats for their survival.

Learn how many wonderful people are working to help flying-foxes around Australia.

Narrated by the adorable Freddy Flying-Fox puppet adventurer with tips for how you can also help save this precious forest pollinator.

Saving the Flying-Fox: A Precious Forest Pollinator is for children aged seven and up.

The book is beautifully illustrated, and is highly relevant to teaching kids and adults alike about the importance of flying-foxes for our forests.” __Annabel Dorrestein, ecologist.

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