Three thumbs up for Projects!

Good news has come in threes for our Projects Team lately. Here’s the lowdown on our latest thumbs-ups in the field…

  1. Not only was it exciting to see a greater glider finally take up residence in one of the nest boxes installed on Brisbane’s north side as part of our Queensland Glider Network’s greater glider project, but a second greater glider was observed in a box in the same location just last month! It has also been encouraging recently to see sugar gliders nesting in three large boxes at a conservation reserve in Redland Bay.

Thumbs up: We now have further evidence that greater gliders are willing to use nest boxes. Over 140 volunteer hours have gone into the monitoring involved in this project. Great effort, Team!


  1. 2018 marks PlatypusWatch’s third year of platypus eDNA surveys, and again we have the Ipswich City Council and Logan City Council on board to further investigate platypus populations in their relevant local government areas. Residual funds from our 2016 PlatyCount appeal and those kindly donated by Australian Geographic last year have enabled this important project for our platypus to continue.

Thumbs up: 2018 will see the PlatypusWatch team sample another 70 locations, at least, across the greater Brisbane region, helping to paint a clearer picture every day of the distribution of this elusive iconic species in this area.


  1. Earlier this year, Logan City Council contributed funds and labour to help our Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network plant over 230 birdwing butterfly vines in five locations south east of Brisbane. This is all part of a project to create a corridor of vines to expand the Tamborine Mountain Richmond birdwing butterfly population in a northerly direction towards the Albert River and Shailer Park.

Thumbs up: This planting marks the physical beginning of a dedicated vine corridor designed to help expand the habitat of this spectacular Vulnerable species in Queensland.

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