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We know everyone loves Australian plants and animals, and wants to know how to contribute something positive to the environment. But how can you fit this into your busy life?

Photo © At A Glance

Photo © At A Glance

Well there are so many ways you can help support the work of Wildlife Queensland whether for a few hours or a few dollars, you can decide how much time, resources or money you have to spare. If you want to have the satisfaction of feeling you’ve made a difference – choose from one or more of the following:


When you join Wildlife Queensland, your support is immediately felt throughout the organisation. Our network of branches throughout the state offer something for everyone – check out where your nearest branch is. Whether you enjoy hands-on activities such as participating in fauna monitoring, helping out at special events or perhaps you need to get involved in an important local issue such as protecting a patch of bushland under threat of development – you are invaluable in helping these causes. No branch near you? Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can still get involved – read on.

Wildlife Protectors

For busy working people, a regular monthly tax-deductible donation to our Gift Fund is an ideal way to support conservation. Wildlife Protectors provide us with a strong basis from which we can plan for the future and set up long-term programs. You can donate from as little as 80 cents a day. Our Gift Fund is listed on the Register of Environmental Organisations with endorsement as a deductible gift recipient.

Wildlife Australia

currenteditionLove wildlife? Read all about it and admire the amazing photography. Representing Wildlife Queensland’s commitment to protecting Australia’s natural environment through awareness and education, Wildlife Australia is a celebration of the fascinating world of nature that surrounds us.

Popular and highly-regarded throughout Australia and overseas, a subscription to our magazine for yourself or a friend will bring you closer to nature.


Give future generations the best gift you can – give wildlife a future.

Bequests make a big difference to our work. Your commitment to wildlife’s future will ensure that our campaigns and programs continue.

You can help by leaving money or assets to Wildlife Queensland in your will. Choose the option that suits you best, after consulting your legal adviser. This information tells you about the options available and how to word your intentions. Contact us for more details.


We warmly welcome donations from the public and from members – these are crucial in supporting our projects and campaigns and are the lifeblood of our organisation. Donations are deposited into our special gift fund which is administered by a board of trustees. Our finances are audited annually and through regulations set down by Environment Australia, they ensure that all donations are spent in accordance with the objectives of our organisation. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Workplace Giving

Photo © At A Glance

Photo © At A Glance

Workplace Giving is a collaborative, simple and tax effective way for employees and employers to help the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland. It makes a significant contribution because your collective and regular gifts allow us to plan more effectively.

For employees

Workplace Giving is a regular, easy and cost effective way of donating from your salary. It will potentially reduce your taxable income and it eliminates the need to collect receipts or wait until the end of the year to claim a tax refund. Contact us today to implement a workplace giving program in your company.

For employers

Workplace Giving is a tax and cost efficient way for employers to engage with their community and achieve a feeling of corporate social responsibility throughout the company. This in turn will enhance staff loyalty and the public perception of the company and products.
Employers may choose to match employee’s donations, either

Photo © Wildlife Queensland

Photo © Wildlife Queensland

as a percentage of the donations raised by their employees, or matching dollar for dollar. This will build a strong common value between the company, employees and clients.

More benefits

Additionally, your company and employees will benefit from:

  • Acknowledgment on our website, magazine, newsletter or facebook.
  • Discounts on selected products and events.
  • Update every month on what we do in terms of conservation events, activities and progress.

If you would like more information about workplace giving, please contact us today


Whether it’s time or talent you can share with us, or both – we’d love you to join our volunteer team! We have opportunities for you to contribute to the work of the Society through a range of activities such as researching wildlife issues, assisting with habitat restoration, helping your local branch program or providing support to our busy office.

Our major programs such as the Queensland Glider Network need ongoing support from volunteers.  Email or call us if you are interested.

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