Will you go ‘all in’ with us this World Wildlife Day?

25 February 2022

Psssst … are you ‘all in’ this World Wildlife Day on Thursday 3rd March to help protect some of our most vulnerable species and the habitats they live in?  


We have a real win for wildlife planned for World Wildlife Day on Thursday 3 March, and we’re hoping you’ll help us spread the word …

This year’s focus for the United Nation’s World Wildlife Day is Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration. Ecosystems and their inhabitants are inextricably connected, which often makes conservation difficult.

When a key species experiences population decline, it indirectly affects dependent plants and animals. The removal or addition of apex predators, for instance, alters densities of prey species, which may, in turn, reduce food availability and affect nutrient cycling.


Small changes can have big consequences. However, sometimes, that can also work in our favour …

Known as ‘multiple-benefit conservation’ projects, our efforts in …

  • landholder education
  • revegetation and corridor creation
  • artificial hollow installation
  • weed management and
  • invasive pest control

… create much more ‘bang’ for their conservation buck, because so many key species suffer from habitat degradation, loss of tree hollows, invasive pests and weeds, and human actions.


On 3 March, we hope to really supercharge these efforts so we can maximise our ability to preserve species, and we hope you’ll help!


You can help wildlife by: 


We can’t thank you enough for all you do for wildlife. And we’re proud to continue to be Queensland’s voice for wildlife – both on World Wildlife Day and all through the year.

Stay tuned for more on Thursday 3 March



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