Planning even more plastic-reduction in the New Year

30 December 2021

Boomerang Alliance organisations like Wildlife Queensland are looking forward to a rewarding year of campaign work planned for 2022.

2021 has been a big year for Wildlife Queensland’s cooperation with Boomerang Alliance, as the alliance’s campaigns gained traction in the pursuit of zero waste and a circular economy. Working with 55 allies, supporters and donors is certainly leading to results when it comes to reducing plastic waste and increasing sustainability!

Our plastic reduction goals for 2022 are:

  • a quick resolution to the second list of banned single-use items. With SA and Qld leading the way – other states will be encouraged to follow suit.
  • critical work to mandate the 2025 recycling (70%) and recycled content (50%) targets. If, as some governments appear to wish, we wait till 2024 for a review, these essential targets will just be extended to later in the decade.
  • a global plastic treaty. We’ll be advocating that whatever party wins the Federal election they should pursue ambitious goals.
  •  a reduction in greenwashing. As single-use bans come into play, greenwashing will likely proliferate. A key instrument will be a reusables standard to benchmark existing and new products.
  •  a continuation and expansion of Plastic Free Places with millions more plastic items removed from cafe procurement chains.

The challenges the Boomerang Alliance must overcome to reduce the entrenched waste and plastic pollution in society and industry are massive. But despite combatting major economic interests, we are making headway and will only continue to do so into 2022.


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