Greater Gliders Webinar

Greater Gliders Webinar


Thank you to everyone for tuning in to our Greater Gliders Webinar. We hope you enjoyed the event. Below you’ll find:

  • a link to the full webinar recording
  • PowerPoint presentations to download
  • additional Q&As not recorded in the webinar
  • information about how you can support the Queensland Glider Network
  • further information about greater gliders.

About the event

Join Wildlife Queensland and guest presenters, Dr Teresa Eyre (Queensland Herbarium) and Josh Bowell and Sam Horton (Queensland Glider Network) for a fascinating free one-hour webinar about Australia’s greater gliders, brought to you by Logan City Council. Learn what makes these amazing flying marsupials so special, the main threats to greater glider populations, and how an innovative Queensland Glider Network project is helping to increase conservation awareness for the uncommonly observed yellow-bellied glider and threatened greater glider with councils, private landholders, and the general public. The webinar will conclude with a Q&A session.

Webinar recording

Click here to watch the full webinar recording


Greater Gliders
Dr Teresa Eyre, Queensland Herbarium
Download the presentation (PDF 7MB)

Sam Horton and Josh Bowell, Yellow-bellied Glider Project / Queensland Glider Network
Download the presentation (PDF 2.8MB)

About the presenters

Matt Cecil, Projects Manager, Wildlife Queensland

Matt CecilMatt Cecil is the Projects Manager at Wildlife Queensland. His career in wildlife began in 2001 while holidaying in Tasmania: He visited a local wildlife park, desperate to see a Tasmanian devil, and landed a job at the park as an animal keeper, starting the very next week. Eight years, one zoology degree and several animal bite marks later, he returned to Brisbane to defrost.

Matt joined the Wildlife Queensland team in 2014 managing projects under the organisation’s focussed species networks; PlatypusWatch, Queensland Glider Network, Richmond Birdwing Conservation network and the Quoll Seekers Network.

Queensland Glider Network aims to raise awareness of gliders and their habitat requirements. We want to improve community knowledge and interest in gliders. We hope to achieve this by being a hub for glider conservation, research and information exchange in Queensland. We want to educate communities to enable them to support their local glider populations.


Teresa Eyre PhD, Principal Ecologist, Queensland Herbarium, Department of Environment and Science

Teresa EyreTeresa is an applied ecologist with a highly skilled team of zoologists, botanists and ecologists within the Queensland Herbarium. Her prime motivation is to help government and land managers make informed decisions on the conservation management of biodiversity, through field-based research and assessment. Teresa has published widely on Queensland’s wildlife and provides advice to all levels of government on biodiversity management. Her team are responsible for the development of protocols and frameworks for the assessment of Queensland’s fauna and vegetation condition. She loves greater gliders and yellow-bellied gliders and has kept up with the science of these species since the completion of her PhD a really long time ago. Teresa is quite good at spotting yellow-bellied glider feed trees from fast-moving vehicles.


Sam Horton, Project Officer, Queensland Glider Network

Sam HortonSam Horton completed a BSc in Zoology at the University of Tasmania and worked with the Save the Devil programme and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary/Wildlife Hospital, in Tasmania. Upon relocating to Brisbane, he found a deep passion for our spectacular nocturnal gliding marsupials and this love channelled him to join the Queensland Glider Network and start up the Yellow-Bellied Glider Project in June 2020 alongside Josh Bowell. This project’s main focus is to study and understand the location of Yellow-bellied Gliders in South East Queensland.



Josh Bowell, Project Officer, Queensland Glider Network

Josh BowellJosh Bowell is a Project Officer with the Queensland Glider Network, Co-founder of the Yellow-bellied Glider Project (with Sam Horton), and Owner/Director of Tough Tinnies & Terrain Pty Ltd. His passion is conserving wildlife and habitat. Launched in August 2020, the Yellow-Bellied Glider Project researches and documents the distribution and occurrence of yellow-bellied gliders and greater gliders in South East Queensland, with a primary focus on yellow-bellied gliders. The project aims to increase conservation awareness for the uncommonly observed yellow-bellied glider and threatened greater glider with councils, private landholders, and the general public.


Get involved

There are lots of different ways you can get involved and help the Queensland Glider Network.

  • Join the Queensland Glider Network (QGN). Head to the QGN webpage for more information. Email us to express your interest and include your contact details.
  • Report a sighting: Have you ever seen a glider in the wild? If so, you can make a valuable contribution to QGN by telling us about your previous and recent sightings. Email us at with a description of your sighting, the postcode of your sighting and your contact details.
  • Like us on Facebook and post your best glider photos to our wall to give us permission to share.
  • Support us: If you would like to make a financial contribution, you can support the work of the Queensland Glider Network through our adopt-a-glider program.

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Contact us

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Wildlife Queensland on 07 3844 0129 or email:

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