Meet Pollyanna the Platypus

Pollyanna the platypus is a part of important population research being conducted by Tamielle Brunt, PhD Candidate from the University of Queensland and PlatypusWatch ecologist for Wildlife Queensland.

This research aims to determine how platypus populations are fairing across South East Queensland.

Over the years, there have been limited studies in the region which puts this species at risk of disappearing right under our noses.

“We are impacting their habitat so much that we cannot just leave them be and hope they are going ok. We need to understand how they are being impacted by human-induced threats and where populations may be more vulnerable,” says Brunt.

This research will identify areas of concern and the information will be relayed to stakeholders to develop management plans to protect them.

Earlier this month, Pollyanna was captured in Obi Obi Creek, Maleny and was the last platypus for the research survey. She was named ‘Pollyanna’ because she brought so much joy to Tamielle and her team.

“She curled up in the bag and went to sleep, it was too adorable. She did not want to get out of the bag upon release! It must have been nice and cosy for her.”

Pollyanna is a symbol of joy and a sign of hope for the future of platypuses!

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