Call for citizen scientists: PlatypusWatch in the Dawson River


Wildlife Queensland’s Upper Dawson Branch and the PlatypusWatch Network are finalising plans to undertake an important platypus project in the Upper Dawson River during May 2021.

The ‘PlatypusWatch and eDNA in the Dawson River’ project, proudly supported by the Queensland Government’s Queensland Citizen Science Grants, will combine community-based observation surveys and environmental DNA (eDNA) surveys to document the population distribution of platypuses within the Upper Dawson River and tributaries around the Taroom Region.

An important goal of the project is to encourage the local community to participate in the project and to learn about this amazing native animal while picking up citizen science-based survey skills on how to search for such a cryptic species.

Call for citizen scientists

Platypus ecologist Tamielle Brunt will present an entertaining and information-filled talk on the platypus at a Wildlife Queensland Upper Dawson branch information session/workshop. Workshop participants will also be taught how best to find platypus in local creeks and waterways.

The workshop is a warm-up for a community-led observation survey of the Dawson River where local citizens will spend a small amount of time searching for platypus.

The data collected on the day will benefit the scientific knowledge base and contribute to platypus population data in Queensland. Knowing where a species inhabits is important for implementing conservation actions to protect this iconic native species. With up-to-date information, Wildlife Queensland can compare historical observation data with the current data to identify population contractions or expansions in the region.

If you would like to be involved in this important project, please email for more information.

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 Proudly supported by the Queensland Government – Queensland Citizen Science Grants

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