Join our ‘Spooktacular’ Halloween Batty Boat Cruise



16 August 2021

It wouldn’t be Halloween without bats!

Dress up and join us on 31 October 2021 for a Halloween Batty Boat Cruise that promises to be truly ‘spooktacular’.

Not only will you cruise the Brisbane River at dusk aboard the MV Neptune, taking in the ever-changing riverside scenery, but you’ll also discover that while bats might look gothic, they’re nowhere near as ‘horror’-ble as they appear. In fact, they’re vital to the health of our native ecosystems.

Bats are the world’s only true flying mammals, and they make up the second-largest mammalian group, with 1364 species. South-East Queensland is lucky to have more than 31 species, from raucous flying foxes to microbats so tiny they can be mistaken for moths.

Flying-foxes flying out at night. Flying foxes play a vital ecological role in pollinating and dispersing the seeds of native trees. As they feed, pollen clings to their noses, feet, and fur and is later transferred from tree to tree along with these flying mammals. Image: Sytilin, Getty Images / Canva NFP.[/caption]

Celebrate Bat Week in style

This cruise aligns perfectly with Bat Week (21–31 October), an annual, global celebration of these incredible winged mammals that help pollinate many of our native flora species.

Plants such as lily pillies, Plunket mallee (Eucalyptus curtisii), bloodwood (Corymbia intermedia) and other nectar-rich trees and shrubs rely on nectarivorous bats as pollinators, so planting these species can encourage flying foxes to your garden.

Meet batty babies!

On the cruise, you’ll get to see and photograph some of the orphaned or injured bats Bat Conservation & Rescue QLD (BCRQ) cares for and rehabilitates, and you’ll discover how adorable they really are—think of them as the puppies of the air.

Perfect for all the family, these cruises are always a sell-out hit. With just 46 tickets available due to social distancing measures, be sure to book quickly to secure your spot.

Engage the kids with some fun activities that complement your cruise

Hurry, book today!

Email or phone +61 (7) 3844 0129 for more information or book online from 13 August 2021.

Gift certificates are also available.

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