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29 March 2020


kids-natureWith so many of us staying home practicing physical distancing, now’s a great time to put on your citizen science hat, connect with like-minded nature enthusiasts online, learn about the environment and its wildlife, and help contribute to conservation and wildlife recovery efforts ‒ all from the comfort of your backyard or living room!

April is Citizen Science Month

There’s even more reason to get involved in citizen science in April! Citizen Science Month is an annual effort in April to explore and advance scientific research around the globe. Here’s how you can participate virtually in Citizen Science Month.

Check out all the great Citizen Science Month events, activities and resources on the SciStarter website.

Citizen science projects

Keep the kids occupied while helping scientists! Here is a list of citizen science projects that you and your kids can contribute to. Some involve surveying biodiversity in your backyard, while others can be done entirely indoors.

Not sure what citizen science is?
Scistarter provides a great 30-minute interactive tutorial which introduces the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of citizen science.

Online citizen science projects:
  • DigiVol: Lets you go on a ‘virtual expedition’ helping scientists by identifying and tagging animals in wildlife photos.
  • Western Shield Camera Watch: Discover the nightlife of the jarrah forest of Western Australia. Analyse camera trap images to manage introduced predators that threaten native wildlife in Western Australia.
Backyard citizen science projects:
  • Birdata: Collect and record bird data with BirdLife Australia’s Birdata to gain insight and protect Australia’s birds.
  • Brush turkeys: App to help you observe and record behavioural information about the Australian Brush-turkey.
  • ClimateWatch: Understand and contribute to climate change research from your home.
  • eBird: Virtual birding around the world, quizzes and lots more on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s citizen science app, Bird.
  • EchidnaWatch: Wildlife Queensland’s EchidnaWatch program gathers information on the distribution and abundance of echidnas in Queensland.
  • Faunawatch: A community-based program run by Wildlife Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Branch, the Faunawatch program collects and compiles sighting information submitted by community volunteers.
  • FrogID: The Australian Museum’s FrogID helps you identify and record frog calls.
  • iNaturalist: Similar to Questagame, but without the gaming aspect. Explore, record and share your observations of the natural world.
  • NatureMapr: A community-based citizen science platform to collect, manage and share species data.
  • PlatypusWatch is a community-based program that aims to document where platypus occur so that we can develop a reliable ‘snapshot’ of platypus populations.
  • Pollinator Link: A not-for-profit social enterprise helping communities create wildlife corridors for urban spaces. Check out Pollinator Link​’s three easy steps to create your own pollinator garden and bring more birds, bees, and butterflies to your garden.
  • QuestaGame: Help scientists keep track of biodiversity while playing a fun game outdoors.
  • Quoll Seekers Network BioCollect Survey: Have you spotted a quoll in the Mary River Catchment, Qld? QSN is surveying to determine if either spotted-tailed quoll or northern quoll still inhabits the Mary River Catchment. Head to the Atlas of Living Australia BioCollect page to log details of quoll sightings in the area.
  • Urban Wildlife App: A citizen science app, which lets you help monitor native wildlife in Australian cities.

Nature & wildlife events, challenges, and backyard blitzes

Citizen Science Month is celebrated in April and with it comes some wonderful backyard challenges, blitzes, and competitions.

Nature live from your living room!

Wildlife webcams of animals around Australia to watch from home.

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