WPSQ co-founder one of ‘200 Treasures’

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David Fleay, AM, MBE, 1907 – 1993, co-founder of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland and widely acclaimed ‘Father of Conservation’.

The late Dr David Fleay AM MBE, co-founder of the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland and Associate of the Queensland Museum, has been posthumously recognised by the Australian Museum as one of 100 men and women who shaped Australia through their contributions to culture, history, science, or nature, and who reflect ‘the spirit of what it means to be Australian’.

To celebrate its 190th year, in October 2017 the Australian Museum opened the ‘200 Treasures of the Australian Museum’ exhibit in the newly refurbished Westpac Long Gallery. This fascinating collection exhibits 100 treasured artefacts from Australia’s history and honours 100 ‘influencers’, such as David whose lifetime study of the natural histories of native fauna (and subsequent publications), his pioneering snakebite anti-venom research, captive-breeding successes, and his ability to replicate natural habitats for captive-bred populations at David Fleay Wildlife Park on the Gold Coast helped him become widely known as Australia’s ‘Father of Conservation’.

This honour adds to a long list of accolades and awards David Fleay accrued during a lifetime committed to conserving Australia’s native fauna.

This and much, much more in the Autumn 2018 edition of Wildlife Australia magazine!

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