Wildlife Queensland Internship Program: Bridging academia and conservation

Internship Program

13 February 2024 

In collaboration with universities, Wildlife Queensland has established a dynamic Internship Program that allows students to contribute to meaningful research and conservation efforts.  

The Internship Program operates through a well-defined partnership, where students engage in either research projects within the Policies and Campaigns Division or participate in fieldwork and data analyses within the Projects Division.  

We ensure that students receive the necessary support, including qualified supervision, to complete their projects within specified timeframes. 

Policies and Campaigns Division 

Students appointed to the Policies and Campaigns Division contribute to policy development or review existing policies on Wetland Conservation, Threatened Species Conservation, and Human-Wildlife Conflict.  

The research papers produced by students are submitted to the Wildlife Queensland Council and may help formulate the council’s position on environmental issues and determine the matters they should advocate for to the government. The Department of the Environment, Science and Innovation have requested access to copies of these papers. Additionally, students are provided with the opportunity to engage in comprehensive interviews with the department. 

Projects Division 

Students in the Projects Division focus on data analyses and fieldwork. The projects involve various species, including the Richmond birdwing butterfly, brush-tailed rock-wallaby and greater glider. 

Flourishing program 

Wildlife Queensland formalised its relationship with the School of Environmental Management, Faculty of Science, University of Queensland in 2014. Thanks to the vision of our late Projects Manager, Holly Bryant, the program has flourished over the years. 

Our commitment to work-integrated learning was recognised in 2018 when the University of Queensland nominated the organisation for the national competition by the Australian Collaboration Education Network. We were awarded the Local Hero Award for its outstanding contribution to work-integrated learning, exceeding expectations for an organisation of its size. 

Meet a Wildlife Queensland intern 

Freya Thornton is a third-year student studying for a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Social Science degree at the University of Queensland. As an intern at Wildlife Queensland, Freya researched and produced a directional paper on the Nature Repair Market Bill 2023.  

Freya shared, “Working as an intern at Wildlife Queensland opened my eyes to the necessary on-ground conservation work and education performed in Queensland. I loved being able to give back to an organisation as important and historic as this one.”

Continuing commitment 

Wildlife Queensland is committed to continuing the Internship Program, intending to build on its successful partnerships with universities. The organisation remains dedicated to fostering the next generation of conservation leaders.  

“Internships combine academic learnings with meaningful workplace practice. Some students stay in touch, and some return on a voluntary basis to assist with policies and projects or at events such as the Batty Boat Cruises,” said Wildlife Queensland’s Policies and Campaigns Manager Des Boyland.

Find out more about our Internship Program and meet some recent interns here. 

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