Koala and joey
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15 November 2019


Koala and joey

Photo by Melanie Shires

Our hearts go out to everyone being affected by the bushfires in Queensland and New South Wales. Thank you to the remarkable men and women currently fighting fires and helping to rescue and care for our precious wildlife.

Thank you also to the many concerned people who have contacted us asking how they can help wildlife affected by the fires.

Wildlife Queensland will not be running a Christmas Appeal this year. We feel it is more appropriate that funds go directly to where they are needed most during the current bushfire crisis.

Here’s how you can help

Cash donations

If you wish to donate cash directly to any of the following causes, the funds will go where they are needed instantly.

If you find injured wildlife

Wrap in a towel and place in a secure box, then call the:

  • Wildcare emergency hotline on ‪07 5527 2444‬ OR the‬‬
  • RSPCA hotline on ‪1300 264 625‬‬‬
Other ways to help

Wildcare Australia Inc. and Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation have communicated important information about the South East Queensland bushfires and how you can help:

  • Don’t enter fire-affected areas to search for wildlife – please leave this to trained personnel
  • Don’t attempt to handle dangerous animals such as koalas, adult kangaroos and wallabies, snakes or bats – always call for help
  • You can help your local wildlife by placing bowls of water out in various places in your backyards as we experience this incredibly dry and hot weather. They will be very grateful (make sure kitty is indoors, so you don’t provide her with an easy meal at the water bowl!).


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