Two ways your change will help wildlife!

The late Ian Kiernan AO (pictured centre) was a great champion for the introduction of Queensland’s container deposit scheme. Image supplied by Boomerang Alliance

1 November 2018


Let’s face it, Queensland – as a state we’re great at many things; however, when it comes to recycling, we can do a lot better. As of 1 November 2018, Queensland’s Containers for Change scheme will help us do just that, with more than 300 refund sites (figure updated 2020) available across the state and more to come in the future.

Most drinks containers (be sure that they are empty and have the caps off) between 150ml and three litres are eligible to collect a refund of 10 cents each. So, Queensland, let’s get making change!

Furthermore, Containers for Change is giving groups and charities like WPSQ an opportunity to benefit from the scheme.

Wildlife Queensland has started a program so that anyone can donate to the Society whenever they return their containers to a refund point!

How to donate drink container refunds to help our native wildlife

It’s simple … if you would like your collected eligible containers to help protect our native wildlife in two ways:

  1. Take your empty drink containers to a Containers for Change collection point
  2. Donate your refund to Wildlife Queensland projects by quoting our scheme ID number:

    – or save the image below with our ID number to your phone for quick and easy reference when you’re at the collection point.

Each container earns 10 cents which adds up really quickly!

Containers for ChangeThis is a big change for Queensland and teething problems are inevitable. The New South Wales scheme started poorly as people did not know what to do and where to get refunds.

After 10 months of operation, the return rate for containers is above 70 per cent compared with 32 per cent before the scheme started.

Prices are likely to go up but that is a decision made by the beverage companies. They are charged 10.2 cents for every container they sell, so there is no need to raise the above refund amount. In New South Wales prices have risen by an average of 7.5 cents.

As Wildlife Queensland members and supporters, we urge you to lead the way! Please help increase recycling and reduce the number of beverage containers that litter our environment by making the collection and return of eligible drinks containers part of your weekly routine. And don’t forget to quote our scheme ID to make twice the difference for our precious wildlife!


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