The 2021 Regional Wellbeing Survey is now open…

11 January 2022

Our regional wildlife carers and conservationists need a voice, too, and that’s why we urge any friends of Wildlife Queensland who inhabit rural or remote regions to complete the Regional Wellbeing Survey.


Australian conservationists are used to travelling to far-flung places across this vast land to study threatened species, but Wildlife Queensland’s work isn’t just conducted by scientists and biological conservation specialists either. Our branches are our lifeblood, and right across Queensland, they’re staffed by dedicated locals and volunteers, many of whom face the daily challenges of living in rural and remote communities while trying to protect local wildlife and natural areas that are increasingly at risk from development, from catastrophic weather events, and sometimes just from being far out of sight of the nation’s city residents.

Challenges faced include the difficulty of living in remote communities, lack of access to respite care to enable time to volunteer, poor or no telecommunications and transport networks, or just a lack of understanding of life in remote and rural regions in general and in the difficulty of getting increasingly centralised authorities to listen.

“Often there’s not much information to help us understand quality of life — particularly for rural and remote regions. Since 2013, the Regional Wellbeing team at the University of Canberra have been asking people across Australia, in remote, rural and urban regions, about the liveability of their community, their wellbeing, and their ability to cope with challenging times,” states the University of Canberra Regional Wellbeing Survey site.


Complete the Survey for Your Chance to Win


This voluntary, anonymous survey takes around 20 minutes to complete, but it just might help shape policies that help regional Australians remain engaged with the preservation of wildlife and wild places, both by showing how valuable time in nature is for our wellbeing and how valued our natural environments are to regional Australians.

Participants who complete the survey before 11.59 pm on Friday 14 January will also go into a grand prize draw to win one of 18 prizes worth a total of $8000. Winners will have their choice of (i) a Flight Centre, Coles-Myer, WISH, Bunnings, iTunes or Google Play Store gift card, with the winner to choose which gift card they prefer, or (ii) to donate their winnings to a registered charity of their choice (of course, any donations to Wildlife Queensland would be much appreciated).

So, have your say today and help increase wellbeing for our regional branch members throughout the state.

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