Thank You for Your Support: Quoll Quest Christmas Appeal

Quoll Quest Christmas Appeal

A massive thank you to our members and donors for supporting the Wildlife Queensland Quoll Quest Christmas Appeal 2020.

As of 31 January 2021, you’ve helped raise $16,000 to fund surveys in identified bushland areas between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to understand if spotted-tailed quolls still inhabit the region.

Your generous donations will help save this endangered species

This is an important project for the conservation of spotted-tailed quolls in South East Queensland. The species is suffering from the impacts of many manmade pressures, including habitat loss and fragmentation caused by land clearing, and poisoning by introduced toxic cane toads.

Fewer than 10,000 spotted-tailed quolls are now estimated to remain in the wild. As a result, the spotted-tailed quoll is listed as a threatened species in all areas it inhabits across the country.

Next steps in our journey to help save the spotted-tailed quoll

As a direct result of your many generous donations, Wildlife Queensland will be able to commence quoll surveys in bushland areas north of Brisbane this year, including the first-ever scent detection dog surveys in this region.

A better understanding of where spotted-tailed quolls remain will provide us with opportunities to discuss and implement conservation actions with relevant landholders, land managers, and natural resource management groups, and the government agency responsible for protected areas.

We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress over the coming months.

Thank you so much for standing up for our endangered quolls!

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