SEQ glider surveys yield encouraging wildlife sightings

Yellow-bellied glider

Image: Josh Bowell / Yellow-bellied glider.


1 October 2022

It’s been an exciting and busy week for Wildlife Queensland’s Queensland Glider Network projects team, with surveys in Logan and Moogerah, South East Queensland showing encouraging glider activity.

Yellow-bellied gliders in Logan

Queensland Glider Network (QGN) project officer Josh Bowell surveyed a new site in Logan this week and was rewarded with a wonderful sighting of a yellow-bellied glider (top picture).

Josh and the QGN team are ramping up glider surveys in Logan this October to December as part of QGN’s Yellow-bellied Glider Project to help protect, and improve community knowledge of, threatened yellow-bellied gliders and greater gliders in South East Queensland.

“Unfortunately, the gliders in Logan have gone relatively unnoticed and are in big trouble due to the land clearing and road upgrades happening. West Logan has a very important yellow-bellied glider population that needs protection. We will be covering as much of the area as possible and will publish our findings when completed,” said Josh.

Find out more about the QGN Yellow-bellied Glider Project and how you can get involved.

Wildlife galore at Moogerah

Wildlife Queensland project officers Paul Revie and Jessica Wattle spotted a wealth of wildlife whilst surveying for gliders at Moogerah Peaks National Park, Mount French section this week.

Part of a QGN Bushfire Recovery Project to increase conservation awareness of yellow-bellied gliders and greater gliders in South East Queensland, the survey was one of a number of ongoing glider surveys focussing on areas either in or adjacent to the fire scars from the devastating bushfires of 2019 and 2020.

Whilst Jess and Paul didn’t spot any greater gliders or yellow-bellied gliders on the night, they did sight an encouraging range of wildlife, including:

They also heard a white-throated nightjar.

“A good night! The gliders were very active,” said Jess.

Find out more about the QGN Bushfire Recovery Project and how you can get involved.

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