Queensland Government Acts on Plastic ban but asks a Question about Polystyrene. Let’s Give them an Answer

Plastic waste

The Queensland Government has just introduced legislation to ban plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery and plates/bowls in Queensland. Subject to consultation, it will include expanded polystyrene (foam) cups and clamshell containers. We are optimistic the legislation should be passed in February 2021, as all political parties have previously voiced support.

Other plastic items like coffee cups and lids, other plastics and heavyweight plastic bags will be added later to the ban.

The legislation has exemptions for those with a disability who need these items and if the items provided are 100% compostable to the Australian Standard. The ban will be introduced in 2021.

Wildlife Queensland has worked hard for this legislation and has welcomed it. It makes Queensland the second State in Australia to introduce a ban on these items after South Australia passed legislation in September. These items are amongst the most littered items and therefore the items harmful to wildlife. According to Clean Up Australia, 44% of all litter is plastic, with plastic takeaway and polystyrene items amongst the most littered items.

We want to see expanded polystyrene cups and containers added to the ban now

Please fill in the quick Have Your Say government survey. There are only 5 questions. Say YES to including expanded polystyrene and adding these products NOW.

You can also tell them about other problem plastics you think should be added.

Plastic items contained in packaged products

Whilst Wildlife Queensland supports this legislation, we are opposed to the proposed exception to plastic items contained in packaged products, for example, fruit juice and plastic straws. The legislation would be strengthened by the inclusion of these single-use plastic items.

BYO cups allowed at cafes in Queensland

Queensland Health has formally advised that BYO cups are now allowed at cafes in Queensland.

Queensland was the only State to rule that cafes were not allowed to accept BYO cups due to COVID-19, even under contactless pour arrangements. In recent times, many cafes have ignored the ruling, particularly as so many of their customers want to use their own cups and cut down on disposables.
So, if your local cafes still think BYO cups are not allowed, please give them the good news.

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