Queensland introduces plastic ban into Parliament

16 July 2020


plastic strawsThe Queensland Government tabled legislation yesterday to ban plastic takeaway straws, stirrers, cutlery, plates and bowls. The legislation will now go to a Parliamentary Committee for review and should be passed into law in the next few months.

Queensland is the second state, after South Australia, to introduce legislation to ban these products. When passed it will mean these products will not be sold or provided in Queensland after July 2021. An exemption for those with disabilities having access to products they need, and for products that are certified compostable to the Australian Standard, has been included.

A promised second tranche of legislation will follow and will include:

  • polystyrene products
  • coffee cups
  • heavyweight plastic bags
  • other plastics.

A recent public consultation on the new laws received over 19,000 public submissions with 94 per cent in favour of a ban.

In the last four years, Queensland has become a leading state in reducing single plastic and container waste and litter. The plastic bag ban led to a 70 per cent decrease in bag litter, the container refund scheme reduced container litter by 37 per cent in its first year. These measures were all introduced with the support of every MP in the Queensland Parliament.

Given this unanimous support to reduce plastic waste and litter, Wildlife Queensland and its partner the Boomerang Alliance urge all political parties, business sectors and communities to back this legislation and continue to make a difference for the Queensland environment and our wildlife.

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