Petition to stop koala habitat destruction

Environmental harm and threats to our wildlife can occur at different scales and appropriate control or enforcement can involve different levels of government ‒ Commonwealth, State or Local.

At times action is required at the national level, in other situations at the state level and very frequently at the local or regional level.

Members taking action to protect their local environment and its wildlife

Wildlife Queensland holds the view that everyone has an obligation to care for the environment and its wildlife. Unfortunately, unlike Biosecurity there is no general obligation enshrined in legislation to facilitate compliance for that to occur. So, Wildlife Queensland applauds when members of the local community take action to protect their local environment and its wildlife.

Brenda and Martin Illsley have initiated action to stop clearing of May Creek and koala habitat not far from D’Auguilar National Park. They have commenced a petition that can be found on the website here.

Wildlife Queensland is certain your assistance to help stop this habitat destruction would be welcomed.

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