Over and above for the birdwing – October 2017

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Thanks to the generosity of the many supporters of our recent appeal to Bring Back the Birdwing by planting 500 vines essential to the survival of this vulnerable native species, the campaign raised a total of $17,935 in just four weeks, taking us well over our target! Wildlife Queensland could not be more grateful for this result.

Here’s what a few of our wonderful donors had to say:

“Ever since we visited the Mt Coot-tha Botanical gardens and became aware of the lifecycle of the Richmond birdwing butterfly, we realised the utmost necessity to re-introduce their one food source for reproduction.

“What a delight to be involved in saving such a beautifully delicate species. Undertaking the return of the Richmond birdwing butterfly is just one cause that the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland embark on and we are so proud to be a part of such an amazingly tirelessly hard-working and focused Society, thank you so much!” Thomas Pearson

“This species is majestic! Let’s protect them and their habitat!!” Sheree Price

So supportive of the campaign by its official closing on 14 October, our anonymous dollar-matcher decided to donate the full $10,000 they’d pledged to the cause:

“We are pleased we could help and now even more vines can be planted and maintained. And as part of a bigger program, the Richmond birdwing and the rest of the flora and fauna that make up our natural environment can survive and hopefully prosper.”

Projects Manager Matt and the RBCN team are keen to get started. “The missing link that separates Richmond birdwing butterfly populations on the Sunshine Coast from those on the Gold Coast has become the main focus of the RBCN,” he said.

“To continue the work of future proofing our Richmond birdwing populations, filling this gap with birdwing butterfly vines, has become our top priority.

“Past RBCN project efforts have focused on conserving our existing populations of the butterfly to address and reduce in-breeding problems within the population. Now it’s time to work on linking our two regional populations by developing these vine corridors.”

As the project gets underway in 2018, we’ll be keeping members and supporters updated via our website, eBulletin and social media. We’ll also be calling for volunteer vine planters when the time comes, so please keep an eye out for that too!

In the meantime, the planning and preparation continues and anyone wishing to donate to Bring Back the Birdwing can still do so at https://chuffed.org/project/bring-back-the-birdwing-500-vines.

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