“Name the Platypus Chocolate” contest winning name revealed

Name the Platypus Chocolate contest winner


26 October 2023

Meet Obi the Platypus, Maleny Chocolate Co.’s newly named chocolate platypus and the winning name in our “Name the Platypus Chocolate” contest.

Our recent “Name the Platypus Chocolate” contest, which ran from 11 to 28 September 2023, received a total of 277 entries. Maleny Chocolate Co. and Wildlife Queensland selected five shortlisted names from these entries and invited the public to cast their votes.

‘Obi’ emerged as the clear winner and secured an overwhelming victory with 71% of the total votes.

Here’s how the votes were distributed:

  • Obi: 130 votes (71%)
  • Percy: 26 votes (14%)
  • Penny: 12 votes (7%)
  • Laney: 9 votes (5%)
  • Marlow: 5 votes (3%)

The winning name was announced by Maleny Chocolate Co. owner Troy Wainwright at Wildlife Queensland’s 20-year PlatypusWatch celebration on 22 October.

“The name sits amazingly well with us. We love it!” said Troy.

“Our Maleny platypus population calls Obi Obi Creek their home, which was named after Obi, a remarkable Aboriginal warrior. How perfect is that connection!”

Newly named Obi the Platypus chocolates from Maleny Chocolate co.

Obi the Platypus made a brief appearance at the Wildlife Queensland Platy Party on 22 October 2023. (The visit was cut short for reasons you can probably guess! Yum!)

Congratulations to our prize winners!

Eight contest entrants submitted the winning name ‘Obi,’ from which the Contest Winner was randomly selected. The Voting Prize Winner was also chosen randomly from all eligible votes.

Our Contest Winner is Pete Polkinghorne from Crows Nest, QLD. 

Pete’s choice of ‘Obi’ was inspired by cultural and historical significance.

“The name for our chocolate friend needed to be simple, easily remembered, dignified and respected. ‘Obi’ suited very well,” said Pete.


“Ubie Ubie was an esteemed warrior chief of the Nalbo Clan who lived about the eastern slopes of the Blackall Range … The Obi Obi Creek, which passes through Maleny township, was named after Ubie Ubie. Also, Obi is a Nigerian name originating from the Igbo tribe, where it translates to ‘heart’.”

Our Voting Prize Winner is Joanne R.

Congratulations, Pete and Joanne, and a big thank you to everyone who entered and voted in the contest and helped us choose this fantastic name.

For more information about the contest and prizes awarded, please visit the contest web page.

Supporting platypus conservation in Queensland

Obi the Platypus is now available in the Maleny Chocolate Co. online store. 10% of the price of every Obi purchase will go back to support Wildlife Queensland PlatypusWatch. So, buy Obi for your friends, your family, and yourself and know that you’re supporting platypus conservation with each delicious bite!

Buy Obi the Platypus today.

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