Make 2022 even more plastic-free

14 January 2022

The problems caused by plastics, and their breakdown into even more minute microplastic particles that litter our entire planet, are well-documented and make striving for a plastic-free future a goal. Alternatives are available, so with the help of our friends in the Boomerang Alliance, we’re ramping up our commitment to a plastic-free Queensland.

In 2018, Queensland banned lightweight plastic bags and introduced a container refund scheme.

These measures resulted in a 70% reduction in plastic bag litter and over 50% reduction in container litter.  

In September last year, Queensland banned plastic straws, cutlery, plates and bowls and polystyrene containers.

In 2022, Wildlife Queensland and the Boomerang Alliance want to see other problem plastic items removed, such as:

  • plastic coffee cups
  • plastic dome lids
  • thick plastic bags
  • plastic-shafted ear cleaning buds
  • balloon sticks and clips
  • polystyrene trays
  • bread bag tags
  • microbeads in cosmetic
  • and other problem plastics.

Alternatives – whether avoiding, using reusable containers or switching to certified compostable items – are already available.

Help by having your say

Please help us achieve this by clicking here to Have Your Say and completing the online survey. Alternatively, download and fill in this form and email it to the QLD Government directly. The submission deadline is Friday 28 Jan 2022.

When completing the survey or form, WPSQ and Boomerang Alliance suggest you:

  • choose all the listed items for a ban
  • under additional comments; recommend a ban in 2022 and include plastic containers in the first list
  • urge the government to promote BYO cups and containers by encouraging all food retailers and cafes to introduce reusable container services for their customers.
Thank you for your support!

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