Logan community unites to plant vines for vulnerable Richmond birdwing butterfly 

RBB vine planting at Cornubia

Wildlife Queensland projects manager Matt Cecil demonstrated vine planting and maintenance techniques.


26 September 2022

18 people attended Wildlife Queensland’s Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network (RBCN) birdwing butterfly vine planting event at Cornubia on Saturday 24 September to learn about the vulnerable Richmond birdwing butterfly (Ornithoptera richmondia) and plant vines to assist its recovery in Logan. 

A great team effort resulted in a total of 33 vines being planted on a Council-owned site in Cornubia Forest Park.

Participants also learnt about the conservation needs of the Richmond birdwing butterfly and its near-threatened host vine (Pararistolochia praevenosa), and enjoyed demonstrations by Wildlife Queensland projects manager Matt Cecil on how to successfully plant and maintain the vines.

Each participant took home free fertiliser and an ‘adopted’ vine to plant and maintain on their properties, as well as a fabulous water bottle to help them remember to water their vines.

“Thank you to the community members who joined our fabulous vine planting event and for participating in this direct conservation project to help plant and maintain birdwing butterfly vines in Logan,” said Wildlife Queensland project officer Hannah Thomas.


“We can’t wait to see how the vines progress over the next several months.”

The event was part of the RBCN Adopt Your Vine & Mine project supported by the Logan City Council’s EnviroGrants program to assist the recolonisation of the Richmond birdwing butterfly in the Logan area.

Read more about the project here.

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