How your nature photos can help wildlife conservation

Wayne Lawler Nature Conservation Photography Grant

15 June 2023

Remembering Wayne Lawler: Wildlife Queensland launches a new Nature Conservation Photography Grant.

In commemoration of Wayne Lawler’s remarkable contributions to the field of nature photography, Wildlife Queensland is delighted to announce the launch of the Wayne Lawler Nature Conservation Photography Grant. Its aim is to empower Australian amateur photographers to support community-led conservation projects and tell stories that make a difference, recognising that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Wayne Lawler was a highly respected nature photographer who dedicated his life to capturing the beauty of the natural world, inspiring many people to care about environmental conservation. His work was exhibited globally and earned him numerous awards.

“Wayne worked for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy for years but volunteered his services and donated land to Wildlife Land Fund Limited, a company established by Wildlife Queensland to acquire and manage land for conservation purposes,” says Wildlife Queensland’s Policies and Campaigns Manager Des Boyland.

By applying for the grant, amateur photographers stand a chance to receive $2000 in support of their photographic journey. This grant will provide a platform to share nature photos and gain exposure for their chosen conservation partner’s project.

The grant’s objectives are to promote community-based nature conservation projects, enhance the applicant’s skill set in nature conservation photography, and assist with non-equipment costs of nature conservation photographic projects within Australia.

Interested photographers are invited to complete the online application form with a closing date of Saturday 30 September 2023.

The Wildlife Queensland Wayne Lawler Nature Conservation Photography Grant 2023 is an excellent opportunity for photographers to combine their artistic vision with their commitment to wildlife conservation by photographing Australia’s unique wildlife and landscapes, along with the people and organisations tirelessly working to protect them.

Wildlife Queensland is honoured to manage this grant program, which is funded by a trust established by Wayne Lawler for this purpose.

For more information, please visit the Nature Conservation Photography Grant web page.

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