Happy batty Christmas!

20 December 2019

Baby Indi
Baby Indi – 4-week-old orphaned black flying-fox. Image © Tamielle Brunt

The final Batty Boat Cruise for 2019 was an evening of relaxed cruising on the Brisbane River, a stunning sunset and flying-fox fly-out spectacular!

At dusk, we circled the entrance to Norman Creek with anticipation, awaiting the flying-foxes to fly-out from their camp. They would navigate the tree line to a grand 1980’s pink mansion and across the Brisbane River, above our boat and into New Farm Park. We enjoyed the commentary from bat expert Jo and learnt a lot about the ecology, biology and behaviours of flying-foxes in our local area.

We were joined on the cruise by bat carer Michael, from Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland. Michael had us in awe of baby Indi, a 4-week-old orphaned black flying-fox who was unfortunately rejected by his mother, possibly due to the tough conditions bats are facing this scorching summer.

The sunset faded and the Captain of MV Neptune cruised us back up the river to enjoy the Storey Bridge Christmas lights whilst Christmas raffles were drawn.

Thank you to all who cruised with us, we appreciate your support. Have a safe and batty Christmas!

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How you can help bats

If you find a bat injured or distress, please contact Bats Conservation and Rescue Qld 24-hour hotline on 0488 228 134.


  • If you have fruit trees in your yard, use flying-fox friendly netting.
  • If bats visit your yard be mindful if you have dogs that may be curious of them.
  • Use wildlife-friendly fencing wire instead of barbed wire.
  • Plant roost trees away from the house.

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