Great news, there is hope!

Lindy Chamberlain, Earth optimist and valued supporter of Wildlife Queensland.

Lindy Frazer, valued supporter of The Next Step.

“We need to have hope in a healthier and sustainable future,” says Lindy Frazer, early donor to Wildlife Queensland’s EOFY appeal dedicated to reducing single-use plastic waste in Queensland for good. Apparently, Lindy’s not the only one focussing on the positives when it comes to the health of our environment. Are you an ‘Earth optimist’?

Originating 10 years ago as a series of lectures by Nancy Knowlton – a coral biologist from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC – Earth Optimism is now part of a growing, global movement. Its motivation: to change the conservation conversation from doom and gloom to optimism and opportunity. Its mantras: forests are growing back, renewable energy is beating coal, the ozone layer is recovering and although the fate of polar bears is still iffy, at least the giant panda is no longer on the brink of extinction. And we’d like to add: there are many people out there – like Lindy – helping organisations such as ours to have a real and tangible positive impact on the environment.

“I like to contribute to organisations which take steps to help the environment, whether in advocacy or practical programs, and I think WPSQ does both,” said Lindy. “Donating to organisations such as WPSQ … gives me hope that I can do something positive for Earth.”

“The Great Barrier Reef seems to be in peril from all sides and then there’s plastic pollution which is starting to be addressed, or at least the public is being made aware in a big way, and hopefully there will be real action,” she said.

Let’s face it, you’d have to be living under a rock (a bit like the critically endangered Bloomfield spiny crayfish) to have missed all the noise about single-use plastics currently. But Wildlife Queensland would like to assure donors and supporters such as Lindy that with the $10,485 raised to date by our EOFY appeal, we WILL be taking real action. We WILL be taking The Next Step.

Proceeds will go to help keep the pressure on governments and retailers to ensure the long-term success and credibility of Queensland’s bag ban. They will also help lobby Queensland Parliament to introduce a ban on the deliberate mass release of helium balloons in Queensland.

And while focussing on the positives, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every donor to The Next Step appeal – our very own Earth optimists – for their support in keeping up the fight to protect our precious native marine life and birds in particular from harmful and deadly non-biodegradable waste. Though the outlook for the health of our environment often looks bleak from where we’re standing, you help us remain mindful of our own Earth optimism and inspire us to keep up the fight for the beautiful and invaluable native wildlife of Queensland on behalf of the generations to come. We could not do it without your support – you are our hope. Thank you!

Any Earth optimists still wishing to help us take real action against single-use waste in Queensland can do so here. Hurry – this special appeal closes today!

Meet a few more believers in The Next Step…

Wayne squareWayne Cavanah, The Naturally Clean Co.:
“This month $1 from each of our cleans is going to go towards the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland. Wildlife Queensland is doing great work driving the plastic bag ban and the reduction of other single-use non-biodegradables. We’re stoked to be able to help out in a small way.”



Fiona squareFiona Lumsden, wildlife artist:
“I support WPSQ projects because I’ve known about you for so long and trust you. Wildlife Australia magazines, when I was a child in the 60s, were instrumental in stimulating my  interest in wildlife and conservation. I saw the thicker bags they’re planning to replace the thin single-use bags with … and it doesn’t look logical. Disappointing. Keep up the good work and thanks.”

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