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Announcing the winners!

We’re excited to announce the winner and two runners-up of the 2023 Wildlife Queensland Froggy February Photo Competition.

Congratulations to:

  • Winner: Jai Randhawa
  • Runners-up: Niall Bradley and Bridgette Gower

View and read more about the winning entries below.

Graceful tree frog© Jai Randhawa

WINNER: Graceful tree frog (Litoria gracilenta). © Jai Randhawa/WPSQ Froggy February Photo Competition 2023.
Location of image taken: Karawatha Forest, QLD.

“Graceful tree frogs are typically rather elusive, on this night, however, the approaching storm had these guys in an absolute frenzy. I spotted this individual sitting on this smallest stem poised to head off into the night.” (Jai Randhawa)

Graceful tree frog© Niall Bradley

RUNNER-UP: Dainy tree frog (Litoria gracilenta). © Niall Bradley/WPSQ Froggy February Photo Competition 2023.
Location of image taken: Bundaberg, QLD.

“A dainty tree frog (also known as the graceful tree frog) found on the last vertical perch left after a flash flood.” (Niall Bradley)

Graceful tree frog© Bridgette Gower

RUNNER-UP: Graceful tree frog (Litoria gracilenta). © Bridgette Gower/WPSQ Froggy February Photo Competition 2023.
Location of image taken: Cairns, QLD.

“I was washing up one night and looking out the kitchen window when I noticed that the frangipani tree outside had this gorgeous little baby graceful tree frog sitting in a new leaf. I grabbed my camera and got this shot of it peering over the leaf. Only about 1 cm in length, I love how it looks like it’s sitting in a little boat.” (Bridgette Gower)

The standard of entries to the Wildlife Queensland Froggy February Photo Competition was excellent, and choosing the winner and two runners-up was challenging! I thoroughly enjoyed working through the photos.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who entered this great competition, helping to shine a light on the diversity and beauty of Australia’s many frog species.

Michael Snedic

Award-winning wildlife & nature photographer, WildNature Photo Expeditions

Competition finalists

See the 10 finalist entries below. 

We received many wonderful submissions from around Australia. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Click on images to enlarge.

Michael Snedic is one of Australia’s most accomplished wildlife and nature photographers, writers and tutors. His photos and photographic articles have been published in numerous publications both in Australia and internationally, since the year 2006. He has been photographing across Australia (and overseas) for the past 27 years and he has loved every minute of it! Michael is also an advocate for ethical photography and is an Ambassador for ‘Nature First – An Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography’.

Michael is a Nikon School tutor in Australia and was an Ambassador and Judge for the Nature Conservancy Australia’s Photo Competition in 2015, 2016 and 2017, as well as one of the judges for Australia’s premiere bird photography competition, ‘Birdlife Australia Photography Awards’ in 2022.  Some of the magazines he has written for include ‘Australian Geographic’, ‘Wildlife Australia, ‘Australian Birdlife’ and the UK’s prestigious ‘BBC Wildlife’, along with many others. Michael has also been a regular feature writer for Australia’s highest-selling photography magazine, ‘Australian Photography’, since 2006.

As founder of ‘WildNature Photo Expeditions’, he has presented hundreds of photography workshops, to thousands of participants across Australia and the world, for the past 19 years.

Michael is very passionate about wildlife and nature photography and loves sharing his photographic knowledge with others.

Visit Michael’s websites:

Michael Snedic© Michael Snedic

The photo competition is open to professional and amateur photographers.

Entrants must agree to the Competition Rules by checking the appropriate box on the submission form.

Photos may be colour or black and white.

Entrants may submit a maximum of 5 images.

For judging purposes, submitted images must meet the following qualifications

  • Submitted as JPG or JPEG files
  • Images must be 120 dpi; be a minimum of 1920 px on the long edge and a maximum of 3000 px
  • File size 1 MB maximum
  • No borders, watermarks, or signatures are allowed. Your image will be immediately disqualified if these elements are included.

Please read the full Competition Rules.

First Prize (1 total):

  • Australian Geographic: Amazing and Bizarre Frogs of the World model/craft kit
  • On Froggy Pond (children’s book by C.S. Fagan)
  • A Complete Guide to Frogs of Australia (Australian Geographic)
  • A 1-year Wildlife Australia magazine subscription
  • The winning image will be featured in a 2023 edition of Wildlife Australia.

Runner-up Prizes (2 total):

  • A Complete Guide to Frogs of Australia (Australian Geographic)
  • A 1-year Wildlife Australia magazine subscription
  • Runner-up images will be featured in a 2023 edition of Wildlife Australia.

Froggy February Photo Comp prizes© Wildlife Qld

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