Compost two ways – November 2017

With plastic shopping bags soon to be a thing of the past in Queensland, we at Head Office are right into recycling, reusing and reducing our household waste, with composting a source of great excitement for some of us. It feels good to be putting those kitchen scraps to work rather than in the wheelie bin. And with products like the two we road-test below, recycling your organic rubbish has never been easier!


The Composta is a worm farm and potted garden all rolled into one!


Why: I love to grow herbs and veggies and wanted an easy system that used my kitchen scraps to fertilise them – without having to manage mulch (get my hands dirty). I also wanted something my children could get excited about along with me and that would look great in my garden.

What: The Composta is an attractive plant pot with a hidden built-in worm farm that fertilises its little garden from within. It is made from BPA-­free, UV stable, food-­grade plastic with a 50 year outdoor rating.

How: Simply add your everyday organic scraps (excluding citrus, onion and meat) – I don’t even chop them – to the worm canister and watch as your healthy and happy plants thrive on the fertiliser made right there in the pot. That’s it – no turning, no emptying, no mulching, etc.

Where: Composta pots are proudly made under design patent on the Gold Coast, and are available here.

I love: that the Composta is an attractive, low maintenance worm farm and potted garden all rolled into one, requiring only that you add your everyday scraps and water your plants as often as you normally would.

Who: I recommend the Composta system to anyone looking to grow super healthy plants or herbs with the help of some hidden, hard-working worms. It suits small spaces, patios or larger existing gardens.

Composta is currently running two specials for Christmas:

  • Buy one Composta kit and quote code WILDLIFEXMAS to receive a free drip bowl, spray bottle and Composta Coconut Chunk to keep your potting mix super moist!
  • Buy 3 Composta kits and quote code BUY3 to pay only $90 each plus postage.



Compots are a virtually invisible composting system suitable for existing yards and gardens.

COMPOTS (Janelle):

Why: I was looking for a ‘fill-and-forget’ system, something I could add all my scraps to and then just forget about – no sorting, no chopping, and no potted plants or worms (I don’t have a great track record with either).

What: Compots are plastic pots with holes in them that you simply bury in your garden level with the ground so that existing worms and other garden critters can find them and feed on your scraps.

How: Simply add your scraps (including meat, paper, bones and onion – you can even add doggie doo) and forget!

Where: Direct Compost Solutions, makers of the COMPOT system, is Brisbane based and online here.

I love: that this system completely fulfils my ‘fill and forget’ criteria; I don’t chop anything up – just toss it in, and they don’t require turning or emptying.

Who: I recommend the COMPOT system to anyone with an existing yard or garden that they would like to add a simple, virtually invisible composting solution to.


Whichever you choose, we hope you’ll be as surprised as we were by how easy and exciting the process of composting can be thanks to products like these. And don’t forget they make an excellent, environmentally conscious Christmas gift for those wishing to reduce  waste!

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