Coalition shares environmental policies with Wildlife Queensland 

LNP meeting

29 April 2024 

As Queensland gears up for the state election on 26 October 2024, environmental issues are gaining traction and taking centre stage. Wildlife Queensland has reached out to key political figures to discuss the future of the region’s environment.  

Among those contacted were the Hon Leanne Linard MP, the current Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef; Mr Sam O’Connor MP, the Shadow Minister for the Environment and the Great Barrier Reef; and Mr Michael Berkman MP. The only response came from Mr O’Connor’s office with an invitation to meet at Parliament House on 21 March. 

LNP’s environmental strategy 

At the meeting, Mr O’Connor, representing the Liberal National Party (LNP), outlined his party’s environmental strategy should they come to power. This includes expanding Queensland’s Protected Area Estate, particularly on private land and nature refuges. The LNP plans to support these initiatives with incentive, auditing, and compliance programs in place. 

The establishment of ecotourism facilities in national parks was also discussed. While the prospect remains on the LNP’s agenda, there is a proposed educational component to align with such developments.  

Wildlife Queensland continues to advocate against commercial resort-style ecotourism facilities within national parks, pushing for amendments to Section 35 of the Nature Conservation Act 1992. However, Wildlife Queensland is not necessarily opposed to such facilities in other classes of protected areas, indicating a potential for compromise and collaboration. 

The conversation also touched on marine park management and the exclusion of nuclear power from Queensland’s energy strategy. Mr O’Connor reassured the attendees that the LNP does not intend to return to the controversial policies of the former Newman Government, which were seen as detrimental to the environment. 

A path forward  

When the meeting concluded, Mr. O’Connor provided contact details inviting questions on any topic. The session ended on a hopeful note, with Wildlife Queensland feeling cautiously optimistic about potential collaborations with an LNP-led government to enhance state environmental and wildlife protection efforts.  

“Should the people of Queensland opt for a change of government in October, there will be areas where Wildlife Queensland can work with an LNP Government for the betterment and enhancement of our wildlife and environment,” said Wildlife Queensland’s Policies and Campaigns Manager Des Boyland.

What you can do: 

  • Contact your local MP to voice your concerns about Queensland’s environment. 
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