Burning questions for environment champions

The line-up at this year’s celebration of conservation (clockwise from top left): Professor Darryl Jones; Cara Parsons; Professor Don Henry AM; Revel Pointon.

Endangered species and ecosystems, pollution, overpopulation, land management, climate change… Have you ever pondered a particular environmental issue only to wish you could pick the brain of an equally passionate – and even highly regarded – fellow conservationist? Wildlife Queensland is giving you the chance to do just that on 17 November as Darryl Jones hosts three generations of highly respected champions of the environment in A Conservation Conversation.

Only 10 days left to book!

“All of these panel members have different ways of operating and making things happen,” said Darryl. “I would like to hear how they approach a new issue.”

But about what this new issue might be, our conversation host remains tight lipped. He is happy to share, however, some of the other kinds of questions he’s itching to put to Melbourne Enterprise Professor of Environmentalism Don Henry, Australian Young Environmental Lawyer of the Year Revel Pointon, and ecology Honours student and senior PASS leader for Griffith University Cara Parsons, such as:

  • How do you harness your motivation into productive action rather than pointless frustration?
  • What advice do you have for younger people who want to make a difference?
  • When they write your obituary, what is the one thing you would like to see included?
  • Is there actually hope, and why?

Representing the younger generation on the night, guest speaker Cara Parsons prepares to bring her own ideas to the conversation. “I think we should discuss the different ways each of us make an impact, in terms of inspiring others to help wildlife, as well as the work we do.

“I have a strong interest in compassionate conservation, as well as a firm belief that returning the dingo as Australia’s apex predator will help to restore ecosystems. I feel we also need to discuss the impacts that the consumption of meat and dairy are having on our country,” she said.

Professor Jones is getting more and more excited by the opportunity to facilitate the discussion of these and many other key issues with three widely respected conservationists whom he believes “will complement each other really well” but will no doubt need to be kept in line with his “cattle prod”.

With only two weeks until Wildlife Queensland’s big event, tickets are selling fast! Don’t miss this chance to pose a burning question of your own to three environmental campaigners with over 85 years’ experience between them, all currently working in distinct sectors to affect positive change for our native biodiversity.

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