Brisbane’s bat-tastic Halloween cruise

31 October 2019

The rain held off for this year’s Batty Boat Halloween Cruise – and thank goodness, as we wouldn’t have wanted to get our cobwebs wet. Costume cobwebs that is!

Lots of fabulous costumes and a fun, spooooky night was enjoyed by all.

The magnificent flying-foxes flew out early so the cruise also finished a little earlier, around 7.00 pm.

Meet baby Olive

Passengers got to meet Olive, an adorable 15-day-old orphaned black flying-fox. Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland (BCRQ) volunteer @bethechangesheryl is shown here (pictured left) having a cuddle with baby Olive and we think her smile says it all!

BCRQ does incredible work educating the community about the importance of bats, both megabat and microbat, as well as providing rescue and rehabilitation for sick, injured and orphaned bats, and is active in the conservation of bats and their habitat.

Pollination superheroes

Flying-foxes have an important ecological role because their feeding behaviour helps pollinate and disperse the seeds of native trees.

Flying-foxes spread the pollen of valuable plants as they feed, so they play an important role in our environment. Some plants even rely on flying-foxes to pollinate their species.

You can encourage flying-foxes to come to your backyard by planting Lillipillies, small Eucalypts such as the Plunket mallee, Eucalyptus curtisii; Bloodwood, Corymbia intermedia and other nectar-rich trees and shrubs.

‘Saving Batman’s City’

In the spring 2019 edition of Wildlife Australia magazine, Doug Gimesy’s spectacular and emotive images of Melbourne’s grey-headed flying-foxes help bring home the message that these bats are keystone pollinators for the region – and other species depend upon their heroic exploits.

Find out fascinating facts about these ‘gardeners of the night’ as well as what you can do to help flying-foxes. Subscribe now. Wildlife Australia is available in print and online.

Batty Boat December Cruise – Sunday, 15 December

Are you ready to go Batty in December? Our popular Batty Boat December Cruise is back! It’s the perfect way to enjoy the festive season with friends or family. Or why not make a group booking for your work end-of-year party? Trust us, they’ll thank you! Sit back and view the city’s festive lights from Batty Boat’s spacious top deck or enjoy the comfort and amenities on the lower deck. Wherever you sit (or stand), you’re guaranteed spectacular views of the city and the bats flying out over the river at sunset.

Tickets sell fast, so don’t miss out. BOOK NOW!

Find out more about Batty Boat Cruises.

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