Bring Back the Birdwing update – September 2017

We've raised 62%

At the 15-day mark, we’ve raised just over 60% of our $12,500 target to save the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly by planting 500 vines essential to their survival. It’s a great start but we need more!

For all those supporting and following our current appeal to save the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly by planting 500 vines essential to the survival of this vulnerable species, we have many thanks and some great news:

Bring Back the Birdwing: 500 Vines is off to a flying start (pun intended) and has caught the attention of a particularly generous donor.

As humble as they are supportive, this donor wishes to remain anonymous, but has offered to match dollar-for-dollar all donations received up to $10,000. This of course means all funds raised will be doubled, twice empowering our capacity to purchase and plant 500 Richmond Birdwing Vines to connect the two core populations of the butterfly we have already created and help to ensure the future of this spectacular native species!

“Most Australians donate to ‘people causes’ but the natural environment can’t speak for itself,” says our anonymous donor. “The natural environment is not only important in itself, but we humans require natural areas and wildlife for our physical and mental health.”

“The reasons for my long support of Wildlife Queensland can be summed up in one word – good Science. OK, two words,” they said. “Wildlife Queensland targets critical species with logical, cost effective programs that deliver real outcomes.”


“By offering to match your donation, I hope it is an inspiration to forgo spending on yourself and donate to the campaign, especially as your donation will be doubled.  As one of Australia’s largest butterflies is in trouble, why wouldn’t you support this program?”

Donate now

Thanks to the generosity of all donors to date, we have raised a total of $7,760 so far. At the half-way mark, we’ve reached just over 60% of our target.

While this is an excellent result, we need to keep up the great work for this beautiful vulnerable butterfly!

If you have already donated to this special appeal, the Wildlife Queensland Team wishes to thank you sincerely for your support. It has meant an excellent start for Bring Back the Birdwing: 500 Vines!

If you have not yet given, or are able to give a little more, there’s no better time

Donate now

Our special dollar-for-dollar donation matcher is doubling all donations, and, thanks to another kind donor, all donations go in the draw to win a Birdwing Butterfly t-shirt as a symbol of your support!

“In Queensland, the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly is Vulnerable and ranked as a critical priority by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. It is an iconic and beautiful butterfly,” said our donation matcher. “By promoting the protection of its subtropical rainforest habitat, other flora and fauna also have a home.”

Please, we will not be able to link the two core populations of the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly without your help. This is one of those rare environmental issues with a simple solution. Planting Richmond Birdwing Vines in the right places is a sure-fire way to bring back the Birdwing. Together, we CAN give their future wings – one vine at a time!

Please share this post today with your own flutter of butterflies using the link below to help us save this vulnerable native species, and keep your eyes peeled for further updates!

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